Actually, web mistress, and every mistress really must have a master and now that youíve met mine heís given me permission to take a minute out of our very busy schedule to say hello.† Amanda Sye at your service.† Well, not really at your service.† I serve only one master and he keeps me pretty much tied up if you know what I mean.†


When not tied up Iím generally answering the phone (speaker phone Ė my hands are usually busy), pouring his scotch (Talisker Ė two fingers Ė neat Ö oh, and about two ounces of scotch), pick up his dry cleaning (Iím an expert at pointing out the errant spot or smudge of lipstick), taking dictation (he has the most wonderful apparatus for that), and, of course, help with research and investigation.† Sometime Iíll tell you about the time I had toÖ well, I had no idea there was so much work to writing a romance novel.


The best part of my job is getting to read his books before anyone else.† I love picking out the bits and pieces that I helped, well, research.† That and going through his mail.† Oh, and thatís really why Iím here.† If thereís ever anything youíd like to know about the site (or office gossipÖ the things I could tell you!) feel free to drop me a line at amandasye at roscoejames dot com.


I really must go now.† Heís been writing for several hours and itís time for his massage.† I need to get out of my leather and make sure the, ah, oil is exactly the right temperature.†††




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Roscoe James